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Apr 21 2014

TR: North side of Mt. Lassen

The days harvest in the NE bowloir on Mt. Lassen.

  Meeting people through the internet has always seemed a bit weird. The concept isn’t what is weird. Meeting strangers at a party, in a bar, through a dating service, or a notice on a kiosk is always a bit of an adventure with the unknown. The internet is just the electronic version of how …

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Apr 04 2014

TR: Tahoe rallys for best day of the season

Kris Thomas drops off Anderson Ridge near Sugar Bowl.

  The smiles around Tahoe are pretty deep this week. Most days you can find a smile on the face of any Tahoe local, especially if they’re a skier in the middle of winter. Work not withstanding, being in one of the finest places in the world to shred snow fosters an optimism that is …

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Feb 19 2014

Review: Volken’s BC Ski guidebook for WA

Washington routes for ski tours.

  There’s another guidebook for backcountry riders in Washington. This time the author is noted guide Martin Volken, a Swiss guide whose training in the Alps has served him well in the glaciated environs of Washington’s volcanos and Cascade range. The book begins with an historical retrospective that lends insight to knowledge that exists only …

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Feb 06 2014

BCTalk: BC Dog Days in Tahoe

It may not be chest deep for men, but it's delightful from a dog's eye view.

  We were doing it “doggie-style” today with my BC canine buddy Jake — mchin

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Nov 13 2013

Rerun: Mt. Greylock’s Thunderbolt Ski Run

Back when the annual Thunderbolt Run was a phenomenon.

The Year of the Thunderbolt Muscat called me from the operating room late Tuesday night and said that because he was on call until six a.m. and had Wednesday off, and because, since it wasn’t a weekend, the nannie would be coming tomorrow to look after Rachel while his wife was at work, and because …

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Oct 04 2013

TR: Freshies on Mt. Hood’s ZigZag Glacier

Booting up to the top of the saddle beneath Illumination Rock.

September 26th freshies on the Zigzag, Mt. Hood from   Ryan and I had tried to make turns together after we met through a mutual friend last fall but for one reason or another we didn’t make it work until Thursday. Oregon got a two day storm that dropped what we were hoping was …

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