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Feb 06 2018

Takemitsu teles Japan

You don’t have to understand a lick of Japanese to understand this short, sweet vid. LINES #01 from Turns by Takemitsu on Vimeo.

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Mar 02 2016

Technique: Keeping Meidjo’s tour mode locked

Fixing the red stub bumper to keep Meidjo in tour mode.

One of the annoying flaws with Meidjo is the occasional tendency for the red function stub to pop over the bumper that it rests against when touring. This causes the entire spring-box assembly to be put into turn mode and will inevitably allow it to hook onto the 2nd heel of the boot. The net …

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Jan 26 2016

Airbag Effectiveness – Less than you thought.

Avalanche that claimed the life of a Utah man on Gobbler's Knob in the Wasatch Mountains.

Terrain consequences are extremely important. If the avalanche we may trigger will take us over a cliff, into trees, down a very large avalanche path, or into a terrain trap, then we have a low chance of survival, despite whatever rescue gear we may carry. — Bruce Tremper In the aftermath of a recent rash …

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Dec 30 2015

Part VII: Taming the Dragon of Self-Destruction

Sven Brunso rips it up.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. When we have self-destruction as our dragon we lack the ability to care for and nurture our own best interest. Self-destruction may be fuelled by a general propensity for self-hate, depression, or a sense of despair. This is not a sought-after ingredient for making good decisions in …

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Dec 13 2015

Pt VI: Taming the Greed Dragon

Freshies. So seductive.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Greed Greed is an easy dragon to understand, especially on a powder day when the sun is shining. The statistical fact that more avalanche tragedies happen on sunny days with new snow underpins the concept of greed. The phrase, “There are no friends on a powder day” …

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Dec 02 2015

Pt. V: Taming the Martyr Dragon

When there's a group, there's human factors at work.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Martyrdom Martyrs believe we are the “victims” of a situation and see ourselves as oppressed. As a victim, we feel like we have no choice in a situation; that others are deciding things for us and that we have no other option but to heed the directives …

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Nov 25 2015

Pt. IV: Taming the Impatience Dragon

Logan Talbot, ASI Guide, tries to trigger a cornice break. He was successful. We were glad he was "on belay."

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Impatience Impatience is characterized by needing to have something now and the phrase “Don’t get in the way” depicts how single minded we can be when consumed by this dragon. People with the impatience dragon are stricken with the fear that if things are not happening quickly, …

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