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Skis with a waist width ~ 95mm +/- 5mm

Mar 07 2017

Review: G3 FINDr 86/94/102

FINDr skis from G3 in three widths: 86, 94, 102 mm.

Skis are a funny business. They are a combination of what one might consider mere mechanical construction, yet they are also part art. A portion of that is certainly due to the delight we experience when shussing through the snow, but the real magic is how ski designers can take what are essentially a common …

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Oct 13 2015

Review: Volkl’s VTA88

Volkl Tour Alpine - a skinny Katana. 127-88-106

Even with a pair of one of the heaviest alpine tech bindings mounted to them, Marker’s Kingpin, Volkl’s new VTA88 is a bonafide welterweight. Without bindings you might even consider them to be featherweight, but that would suggest an absence of muscle that in reality, the VTA has no shortage of. Think of the VTA88 …

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Mar 02 2015

Review: Blizzard’s Zero G

Zero G 108 - got fat if you want it.  136-108-122mm

Last week I managed to get out on Blizzard’s Zero G for two days and can confirm they are a worthy contender for next year’s addition to your quiver. The Zero G is Blizzards entry into the lightweight, carbon enhanced backcountry ski category that continues to amaze with skis weighing less than three pounds per …

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Nov 19 2014

Review: G3 Carbon Synapse 101

G3 Synapse 101  130-101-118 in five lengths between 165 and 185 cm

Carbon is the rage in skis these days, and for good reason. From the rumblings I’m hearing, it won’t be going away anytime soon. One example of why is G3′s Synapse. It has the requisite muscle necessary to make up for what heavier skis do with mass. At speed they get a bit skittery, but …

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Oct 21 2014

Review: BD’s Carbon Aspect ski

Black Diamond's Carbon Aspect. XX lbs. light, and white to resist snow sticking and adding weight back.

To behold the statistics of Black Diamond’s Carbon Aspect is to be tempted with a model of touring perfection. At least, to this ol’ guys perspective. Fat skis are the rage and weight is great and all that except that it’s not. In the backcountry extra flotation comes with a heavy price and for my …

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Sep 22 2014

Review: Volkl’s BMT Series – 94/109/122

Volkl's Big Mountain Touring series, BMT 94 shown. Less than 7 lbs./pr at 186cm long.

It was two seasons ago my preconceived notions about rockered skis, especially the too fat variety, were blown to smithereens. For me, that means anything wider than 110mm at the waist which simply cannot hold sufficient edge for good all round, backcountry skiing. The example was Volkl’s V-Werks Katana, a magical mix of wood core …

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Apr 29 2014

Review: G3′s Zenoxide Carbon skis

G3's Zenoxide C3 93. Carbon fiber for strength without weight.

  As a touring ski in almost any variety of soft snow, even with some zipper crust thrown in for texture, G3′s Zenoxide Carbon 93 is a great ski to ride. It has a smooth even flex to deliver nice round turns. Thanks to a little carbon fiber thrown into the layup mix, it’s not …

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