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Nov 30 2014

Beacon Review: Arva’s Neo v2.0

Arva's Neo: Impressive

  When you consider what the most important criteria are in an avalanche rescue, keeping it simple has to be one of the most important. There are plenty of things going on and you don’t need complications when you’re already facing the most serious one possible. To that end Arva’s Neo is undeniably one of …

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Aug 18 2014

Review: Pieps DSP Pro v2.0

New Pieps DSP Pro.

  Pieps has upgraded their DSP beacon with a new case, improved harness, better marking for multiple victims, and a few new special functions in the Pro model. Range Although Pieps is no longer king of hill for max range they’re not shabby either, with a solid 52+ meter range whether oriented parallel or crosswise. …

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Jul 21 2014

Technique: Dealing with bouncing avy beacons

Out of four models, the Pulse, v4.0 wins for accuracy. Other factors may be more important though.

Anyone who has practiced even a smidgen with their digital avalanche transceiver has noticed a bit of digital bounce. What is meant by this term is the error in the distance reading of an avalanche beacon. It shows up as the distance reading changing with each update, up and down around a number that, at …

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Jun 03 2013

Beacon Review: Arva’s Neo

Arva's NEO sees one signal ~39 m (~127 ft.) away.

To be honest it has been awhile since I’ve been impressed with an Arva avalanche transceiver. They were the first European company to agree digital processing could improve search times and they obliged with the Arva 9000 – a single antenna transceiver that used digital processing to calculate and display distance, along with a series …

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May 29 2013

Beacon Review: Ortovox D3

The Ortovox D3

  Note: Though discontinued this review is published for the benefit of those who are considering purchasing a used D3 beacon. Overview For those who just want a beacon that you simply turn on and follow the lights to the victim, the D3 is hard to pass up. Ergonomics The D3 maintains the classic, integrated …

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Mar 01 2013

Beacon Review: Tracker DTS

How do you spell revolutionary in beacon-speak? Tracker DTS!

  Note: The following review was penned while Tracker DTS was still the best selling avalanche beacon in the USA. Since then it’s sales have been largely taken over by BCA’s Tracker 2. Although a 2-antenna beacon is considered outdated relative to current, 3-antenna technologies, it is still far superior to single antenna transceivers, especially …

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Jan 24 2013

OR Report: Backcountry Access’ BC Link

Tracker3™ - 20% lighter, w/real-time digital processing and signal separation for marking multiple victims.

  Besides being adopted by K2 Sports, what’s new at Backcountry Access? More of what you might expect, and a little of something unexpected. The Tracker3™ is the follow up to the Tracker2™, utilizing the same real-time digital processing but now with the ability to separate multiple signals and mark a beacon you have located. …

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