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Nov 25 2015

Pt. IV: Taming the Impatience Dragon

Logan Talbot, ASI Guide, tries to trigger a cornice break. He was successful. We were glad he was "on belay."

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Impatience Impatience is characterized by needing to have something now and the phrase “Don’t get in the way” depicts how single minded we can be when consumed by this dragon. People with the impatience dragon are stricken with the fear that if things are not happening quickly, …

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Nov 22 2015

Pt. III: Taming the Self-Deprecation Avy Dragon

Getting a read on Colorado's early season snow lizards.

  Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Self-Deprecation If self-deprecation is our dragon we do not feel worthy. We suffer from a lack of self-confidence and feel that our contribution is not of value, so we do not speak up and share what we know. If we have this dragon and are paired …

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Nov 20 2015

Pt. II: Taming the Arrogance Avy Dragon

Reviewing options as a group on the Sierra High Route.

  Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Arrogance There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. A confident winter backcountry guide or enthusiast also has an ear to listening to other people’s input. There is a willingness on the part of the confident individual to welcome new information from anyone in the …

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Nov 18 2015

PR: AvaTech launches crowd sourced AvaNet

Logging an observation from a mobile app.

Editors Note: The following press release comes from Backbone Media, Avatech’s public relations firm. Ordinarily I’d rewrite the information a bit, but this is a fairly straight forward announcement of a software platform that has the potential to dramatically improve the understanding of the snowpack in regions that we like to ski. The key to …

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Nov 17 2015

Taming Your  Avalanche Dragons

Skier triggered avalanche on Mt. Judah, California.

Over the last ten years there have been fantastic advances in the field of avalanche safety through research and technical development. Additions made to snow stability evaluations like ‘fracture character’ during the ‘compression test’ deepen our awareness of what is happening with the snow. There have also been the developments in terrain assessment tools, which …

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May 10 2015

Solo Avalanche Safety

Timing is critical with avalanches, especially solo.

  Are you getting fatigued from so much avalanche safety talk these days? It’s become a media obsession to discuss ad infinitum all the nuances of being safe when skiing in the backcountry. Which begs the the question of how safe you really are if you’re having too many safety meetings. There’s a tendency to …

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Mar 12 2015

Engaging novice BC Skiers on Safety

Kim Miller of Scarpa.

There’s nothing safe about backcountry skiing. That word shouldn’t be associated with the sport — Kim Miller, President Scarpa USA This is the fifth video in our series covering a panel of industry experts discussing avalanche risk in backcountry skiing and the industry’s part in that, hosted at Outdoor Retail Winter by Verde PR. In …

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