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Mar 31 2014

Awesome April is here

Spring skiing extends the season - even with pow pow.

  This is the time of year when the wannabes fall away. Spring – when the snow alternates within hours from cold smoke to mashed potatoes. It’s the time of year when it’s icy in the morning, velvet corn in the afternoon. With the right conditions the weather warms for the day while the sun …

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Mar 10 2014

Project Zero launches Know the Snow Contest

Google Earth view of terrain where two were killed in an avalanche on Feb. 15, 2014.

  A recent post by a friend on Farcebook made me realize there are still an awful lot of people unwittingly relying on luck for survival when they head out of bounds for fresh tracks. He did a quick survey at the OB gate and found less than 10% of those going out had basic …

Keep making backcountry turns

Jan 22 2014

OR Report: BCA wins shoveling competition

Team BCA and Ortovox digging for dummies (to prove a point).

  Everybody hates a cocky athlete, but when they win, like Bill Johnson did in Sarajevo, you can’t be denying they might only be sharing their confidence before the event. So it turned out to be when BCA won the “Can You Dig It?” shoveling competition at the All Mountain event at Solitude resort. Results …

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Jul 16 2013

Technique: Primary Search for Avy Victims

In the primary search the goal is to obtain a signal ASAP without overlooking one.

So you’re in the nasty position of having a member of your group caught in an avalanche. After cursing, now what do you do? Here’s the details for phase one of your search – obtaining a signal without overlooking any place in the slide path.

Jul 10 2013

Technique: Determining Search Strip Width

Knowing your search strip width can help reduce search times.

  One simple thing you can do in preparing for a real avalanche rescue is to figure out what the Search Strip Width of your avalanche transceiver is. This involves taking time to do a few iterations of measurements with you and your friends. There are more complicated ways to determine search strip width that …

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Jul 08 2013

Technique: Avoiding avalanche trouble

As has become tradition, July 4th was a Delta weekend, which means windsurfing and/or kiteboarding. Sherman Island local Ray dropped by and we got in to a bit of a conversation about the perils of kiting and how his hang gliding and parasailing friends are always testing their release systems before they ever get airborne. …

Keep making backcountry turns

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