Feb 28 2012

Video: A Life Ascending released

DVD cover for A Life Ascending

Some of you may recall my review of the ski video “A Life Ascending” last year. It is not the usual hedonistic mix of epic powder runs and non-stop action, but rather a more sobering view on being a backcountry ski guide, specifically Reudi Beglinger.

To many, his name is synonymous with one of the more infamous fatal avalanche accidents in modern history. This, unfortunately stands in stark contrast to the reputation he has built among his clients for delivering untold millions of untracked vertical adventure without incident. But it only takes one to make a blemish.

A Life Ascending [Official Trailer] from Ptarmigan Films on Vimeo.

A Life Ascending takes a closer look at this contrast, at the life Reudi has built, and how the consequences of that fateful day have affected him, his family, his business, and his outlook on life. It’s more a study in character than powder addiction and worth setting aside an hour to view.

I’m not the only one impressed by this video. It has garnered 10 awards around the globe, including the People’s Choice Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

It is now available here.

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  • teletilyouresmelly

    This video is especially great if you’ve done trips with Reudi. My only complaint is it failed to capture his good humor- it was a bit over-serious in my opinion.