Dec 26 2010

Ten-11, Day 6

What a difference 365 days makes. It is why I don’t buy all the hulabaloo from weather forecasters about El Nino, La Nina, or global warming. The weather is what it is, and no matter what we do to try to control it, the best way to deal with it is to roll with it. There isn’t a lot of snow in Tahoe this year, but there is a ton of ice. The skating is epic. Grab a pair of blades and enjoy it while you can.

For the first time in over a month Snow-Forecast is calling for some precipitation at the end of next week. No, not snow. But a break in the subzero pre-dawn temperatures and if we’re lucky, the rain will turn to snow. Cross your fingers and do the snow dance (wash your car).

In the meantime, a rerun from last Christmas Eve, 2010:

The view looking SE from the top of Jake's Peak, Christmas Eve morning. Click to enlarge.

Another short tour, but finally one with the sort of incomparable views Lake Tahoe delivers, good conversation on the climb, and excellent turns back down. Jakes Peak delivers those goods reliably. The only item missing in that formula on storm days are the stellar views. In that case the depth of powder usually makes up for the lack of a view.




Geoff Clarke makes it look easy. Click to enlarge.

On this day, we had it all, although the pow wasn’t blower dry, it was still soft and deep. Geoff Clarke demonstrates why he prefers free heels to training heels. When you tele, it’s always knee deep.
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  • http://www.thompsonpass.com Valdez Telehead

    Happy holidays to the Dosties!

    122″ in Valdez just this month.
    It has snowed 22 of 24 days.
    15″ WE @ 4000′(the zone) which is close to 20 feet. That is actually in 20 day period which is actually pretty astonishing even in my book.