Jan 23 2012

Preview: G3 Enzo

Back in August, 2011 it was hinted that there were three new bindings to be introduced in the winter of 2012. Well it’s Winter 2012 and Rottefella’s Freedom is old news. A second binding I was referring to was the TTS binding, which, theoretically will have enough modifications to it to make it “new” from the standpoint of revised components and improved adjustability.

G3's Enzo • 3lbs. 13 oz./pair (1734 g/pr) • $289

The one nobody caught wind of until after Christmas was Enzo, G3′s return to the tele market. On first look Enzo appears to be a synthesis of numerous bindings already on the market.

The most obvious is the duplication of 22 Design’s cable configuration. There are a few noticeable differences like a different spring housing, regular compression springs instead of flat-wire springs, and a yoke of solid wire around the heel instead of braided cable, but that’s window dressing on the same basic design.

Then there is the toe plate which is reminiscent of the wrap-around design Voile uses with their Switchback — it’s rather immune to snow packing underneath. The same concept is also found in the Burnt Mountain Designs Tele Bulldog and Lite Dogz.

The mode switch is a combination of Black Diamond’s simple push-button switch that you toggle for touring or turning with a ski pole. At the back of the toe-plate, two prongs extend from inside a sealed toe riser to hold down a rear spreader bar, just like Voile’s Switchback.

With all those ingredients G3′s Enzo has a lot to like about it. Easy mode switching, adjustable power and lots of it, plus leagues of theoretical improvement over the Targa Icent to prevent icing up.

And what’s with the name? There’s always a story behind G3′s product names. Does the Enzo merely signify the end of new ideas for 75mm telemark, where the only changes possible are a rearrangement of the pieces? Or does it have something to do with Lorenzo? It will be interesting to see the marketing story on that one. ;)

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  • hammer_vn

    re. Enzo Name?
    Perhaps a G3 Vancouver connection to Enzo Frederico who has been the driving force behind the KneeKnacker ultra marathon? It is a great trail running race across Vancouver’s North Shore mountains that has been going for over 20 years now…. Probably not though – likely just the Ferrari association with the red colours…

    The binding looks slick, incorporating all the best ideas in ‘standard’ tele bindings.
    It may even have a replaceable pivot (eventual unrepairable wear problems on the BD O1s and G3 Ascents). I may be wrong, but I think only the 7tm pivot is repairable…?
    But no release on the Enzo of course… So the 7tm, NTNs, and TTS are still the ones pushing into the future.

  • bob

    You missed the main innovation of this binding….the cables do not flex…this in itself is a major win for tele customers struggling with durability. finally a binding using cables properly (ie. no bending, just tension).

  • http://www.earnyourturns.com Dostie


    Seems like the durability issues with cables on telemark bindings were resolved years ago…except for the Targa. Increasing the diameter of the cables used in the Enzo is the key to that, although eliminating bending doesn’t hurt either.

  • http://www.thompsonpass.com Valdez Telehead

    Nice looking binding. Simple yet weighty. Underfoot cables are another plus. Not much info on the climbing bales.

  • sawyer

    It’s good that they shored up the cables, I guess only time will tell whether the higher number of parts compared to the Targas will be the death knell for durability.