Oct 05 2011

News: Salomon/Atomic AT binding comin’

Very interesting.

Received a very interesting package today. It came through the back door marked with a pair of I’s for insider intel.

It’s a new touring binding for young hucksters hunting freshies from……shhhhhhhhh…..Salomon and Atomic.

The pictures tell most of the story, but leave a few questions. Looks like a beefy adaptation of the Silvretta chassis. Might even be able to switch to tour mode without exiting the binding. Purportedly more rigid while touring or charging than the Duke, and the angle stock bars reinforce that belief.

View of the toe from above. Notice the angle stock.

Definitely looks huckable. And heavy compared to a tech binding, but lighter than a Duke?

I also know from another source that this is not garage fiction, Salomon’s interest in the backcountry is real. True, they fumbled their entrance in to the market with the Quest boot, but what company hasn’t stubbed their toes occasionally when introducing a product?

Can you switch modes without exiting the binding?

Looks like they’re planning a bigger return to the market which sparks hope for a synergy between their Nordic products and this addition of an Alpine Touring line. And Atomic has been making some dynamite backcountry skis for years, from before the TMX to the RT-86 and beyond.

Salomon’s dedicated Guardian page!

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