Nov 12 2010

Teaser Shot

If you haven’t seen the evidence, you’ve heard about it. It’s happening out there. The ten-eleven season has begun. There’s bound to be a dry spell soon, with more snow on the way, but not just yet. Some of us haven’t gotten out yet, and probably won’t until there’s enough depth to protect our skis and knees. The guys down at The Back Country in Truckee had good reports around Donner Pass and my cousin at the Alpenglow in Tahoe City posted some sweet looking tracks from Hourglass, near Mt. Rose. If you’re careful about where you go, there’s enough snow. I’ve heard stories of 3 foot drifts and a foot of fluffy base. Take your rock skis or you may be disappointed with an edge shot at least, but there are turns to be had in the Tahoe area.