Nov 29 2012

Review: Garmont’s Excursion


Garmont Excursion

Excursion is an excellent lightweight tele boot for going the distance while rippin’ turns.

The Excursion is Garmont’s superlight touring boot. In days of old it came with a thermomoldable Gfit liner and weighed almost a pound less than a comparable pair of T4’s. Sadly, it now comes with a preformed, alpine style liner with little moldability. However, as one of the very few lightweight boots with some turning muscle it is a worthwhile investment. You can always substitute a moldable liner if you insist.

After skiing in four buckle monsters for a while, putting these on is like slipping into bedroom slippers, but with far more control than your average fuzzy moccasin. Able to squeak by surprising terrain, ski and speed challenges, the Excursion is most adept in consistent snow on lighter boards in mellow topography. There are individual exceptions to this rule of course, made easier if you pair it with a free pivoting cable binding like Voile’s Switchback, or a more powerful three pin like step-in toe of Burnt Mountain Design’s Spike.

The women’s Excursion comes with an even lower cuff.

The low cut combined with a mid-range bellows flex and only two buckles encourages an upright body position for downhill skiing, while its airy heft can make you feel as if the only thing holding you back while climbing is your ski or skin drag. If you want to cover a lot ground and but still love the thrill of gravity, particularly with the new generation of Amerikanized (read: fat) waxless metal-edged skis, check out Garmont’s Excursion.

One other less recognized feature is that the Excursion is the basis for the kids line of plastic telemark boots. Scaled down to small feet and renamed G-Rex for kid’s appeal, Garmont is the only boot company to develop a kids version of plastic tele boots. As many women with small feet know, this means that finally there is a boot for you too.

G-Rex are for kids.

MSRP: $ 350
Weight/pr: 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Sizes available: 23.5 — 29.5

MSRP: $ 300
Weight/pr. (mondo 26.5): 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Sizes available: 19.5 — 26.5

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  • BorrowedSuits

    I taught myself to tele with these and voile  hardwires paired with tourmaster boards (insanely light).  Next step was gen 2 NTNs (from pillar to post, eh?).

    Every time I put the excursions back on, I spend the first hour falling on my face.

  • rhcastorh3@gmail.com

    These are my all time favorite boots all the time and everywhere from hilly tours to steeps on 78′s to 130′s (tip width of ski) tho I ski short lengths, weight 140lbs and tend to admire the charging types playing in steep couloirs where my nerves wither… I do have a heftier pair of Garmont Synergy’s that are hard to get the hang of even tho they have good flex/weight, just so much higher and laterally edgey. I suppose they would be superior for the hardpack and variable snow/ice.

  • Raggi_Thor

    Dostie, do you know how many grams I would save by replace those liners with some thermomoldables? And what liner from Intuition for example would be the lightest one?

  • Dostie

    Hard to say how much weight you would save by going with an Intuition liner. It also depends on what liner you get, as well as your size foot. Check out Intuition’s selection guide (https://intuitionliners.com/choosing-the-right-liner/). I’m confident that the savings in weight combined with the increased comfort (after molding) would justify the cost.