Apr 24 2010

Inching forward.

No doubt some of you are moaning “Oh No!” right now. ’tis true, Dostie is taking the muzzle off and returning to fling words around that others won’t pay to publish. Perhaps with good reason. :wink:

For reasons that should be evident whenever you lift your head up to drink the free air, the ability to speak your mind is a cornerstone of freedom. If you don’t exercise the rights you have, like muscles, a skill, or a talent, you lose ‘em when you don’t use ‘em. So here’s to celebrating the free exchange of ideas — the reason and rhyme of words — for all things that reflect an earn your turns perspective.

  • Mark

    Earn Your Turns is back! Had to investigate.

  • teletilyouresmelly

    Cool- glad your back Dostie. Now where were we- snowmobiles bad or good? Democracy vs. republicanism?

  • Dostie

    Good to hear from you Durango. ;)

    As for the quandries you pose, heck, there’s no easy answers. I do know that Washington, Adams and Jefferson abhorred Democracy. Called it Mobocracy. Hard to argue against that within the current political climate of the USSA circa 2010.

    As for them ‘biles. I still don’t like ‘em, but nonetheless wish I could afford one. It would be awfully nice have for some long approach tours I’d like to do. Do have a green alternative though – kites.

    I’ve made some peace about snowmobiles. Here in my neighborhood, which I’ve re-named Motorhead Hill, I’ve decided I definitely prefer ‘biles to dirt bikes for two reasons. They’re quieter than dirt bikes, and trash the local vegetation less. Still not perfect, but better than the summer 2-stroke alternative.

  • http://www.thompsonpass.com Valdez Telehead

    Hey Craig….good to see this site up.

    Does NTN suck on the skin or what?????

    EYT works for me!

  • Dostie

    Yeah, NTN doesn’t cut it yet for me. I can see where it does for some folks but, if you spend most of your ski time earning like you and I that 30 degree range of motion is a serious limitation. But for the slackcountry, or occasional forays, or if you simply have never experienced a true free pivot before (ala BD’s O1 or Dynafit or Silvretta Pure) then I’ll admit NTN is good enough.

    I do like the promise of NTN, especially with Tech fittings and the option of locking the heel when you need/want to. The boots are much better for scrambling on talus, or cramponing, but the only binding option currently available is not enough to sway this kid. I’m happy with a quiver of Switchbacks, AXL, an O1, and the Dostinator.

  • teletilyouresmelly

    I am loving the NTN for backcountry (including a one-week hut trip I just did). I do not miss the range I had with the O1, and I even made my own Hammerhead tech-fitting-like modification before tour-mode bindings were available, so I am fully in the tour-mode-is-important camp. I don’t even notice the end of the 30-degrees, and like how they go on & off quickly and how the brakes hold the skis on the snow during changovers and hold them together for quick shouldering without the need for a Voile strap.

  • Mark

    So, is it true, as I surmise, that the 22 Designs six hole mount pattern is truly superior to the standard four hole? I just like the Hammerhead and the Axl a lot as tech geek/binding mount tech.

  • http://www.earnyourturns.com Dostie


    The major factor in the retention of the 4-hole and 6-hole patterns is the area they define by their pattern. The larger the area, the greater the retention force. But they are very similar.

    It doesn’t take a scientist or engineer to recognize that more screws increases retention force as well; thus for equal area, more screws equals better retention. Analysis suggests, and years of evidence proves that the Hammerhead pattern is clearly superior to the 4-hole pattern.