Aug 19 2014

First Look: JetBoil MiniMo


Jet Boil's new MiniMo.

Jet Boil’s new MiniMo.

JetBoil has dominated the stove market lately, but their competitors have been able to poke holes in their dominance by simply pointing out a few of their shortcomings. To be sure, the convenience of the JetBoil system is hard to beat. Perhaps better still, their dominance is visible so there’s an unspoken but strong endorsement at a level that gives new customers assurance.

Still, when you actually use a JetBoil you notice the imperfections. For instance, even if you can set the flame to approximate a simmer setting, to do so requires constant adjusting as the pressure inside the can changes. Annoying but bearable. Then, when it’s time to pour the hot water, or start spooning the meal du jour, you realize that the cozy may insulate and keep the heat in, but it isn’t quite thick enough to insulate your hands from the same heat. Depending on ambient air temps, that may or may not be a good thing. Good on a ski tour not on a summer hike. And spooning from a deep pot, well, that’s possible but not optimal.

What’s a dirtbag to do? You could look more closely at a competitor, or you could check out the new Mini-Mo from JetBoil. Afterall, the original wasn’t bad, but it could be better. The MiniMo cures what ails the classic JetBoil package.
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Aug 18 2014

Review: Pieps DSP Pro v2.0


New Pieps DSP Pro.

New Pieps DSP Pro.

Pieps has upgraded their DSP beacon with a new case, improved harness, better marking for multiple victims, and a few new special functions in the Pro model.


Although Pieps is no longer king of hill for max range they’re not shabby either, with a solid 52+ meter range whether oriented parallel or crosswise. As with the original DSP, the range is typically a bit better when in the poorly couple position. In plain english, this means it has a solid circular receive pattern, not favoring one orientation over another as every other beacon does to some degree. In spite of this Pieps only recommends a 25 meter search strip width, so you have plenty of breathing room on that.
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Aug 17 2014

BCTalk: Dog pics


Big dogs, Small dogs, Cute dogs

Our best friend is always there for us. A tribute to our most faithful companion.


Dogs know happy days.

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Aug 15 2014

Weber Hut in Summit County nears approval


Location of proposed Weber Hut

Location of proposed Weber Hut

It looks like the Summit Huts Association is about to add another hut to their system of backcountry getaways. The proposed new hut will be called Weber Hut since it will be located at the head of Weber Gulch on the north side of Bald Mountain around 11,500′.

When the original plan for a hut system in Summit country was developed back in the 1980s it included a hut in Weber Gulch. In recent years demand for huts has exceeded supply. During peak months the Summit Huts Association has adopted a lottery system for reservations.
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Aug 13 2014

How well do you fiddle?


Dynafit Radical ST

Dynafit Radical ST

Every product has a feature or two that becomes the basis by which they are promoted, and sometimes derided. Dynafit has certainly come of age in the backcountry because of its light weight, efficient touring, and bombproof durability. If you’re serious about backcountry skiing, this is a brand of binding that deserves serious consideration. There are certainly other worthy options in the fall of 2014, but the basic 2-pin tech design is undeniably Dynafit.
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Aug 11 2014

Ski news from Summer OR 2014

Main entrance to the Summer Market Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.

Summer OR – Outdoor Candy Store.

The annual Summer Outdoor Retailer show was held last week in Salt Lake City. The focus is summer adventure, so lots of camping, running, climbing, and paddling stuff. Companies with winter product were there, but not with their winter specific stuff. Aside from outdoor accessories that are used both winter and summer there was noticeably less winter related gear visible on the floor. Although they weren’t showing off their winter goods, that didn’t prevent plenty of conversation.
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