Mar 05 2018

Technique: Skins On with Skis On

Putting skins on with skis on (free pivot binding advised)

Shaggy said come over early and we’ll go on a tour the day before. A foot fell on an older foot so we hit the road early. Perfect.

Getting to the “gate” involved two-stroke smoke. Saw my first snow-bikes in action. Those guys are destined to lead the avalanche fatality numbers in the future. That’s a lot ‘o uphill hog power where you can get in way over your head before you realize it. Totally worth it for a Snapchat and a Tweet though.

Steamboat backcountry. Tele by Craig Rench.

Steamboat backcountry. Tele by Craig Rench.

Anyway, after going mobile to the boundary we switched to skis and skins and proceeded to lap up a sweet 500-foot gladed slope that bobbed down between 40 and 25 degrees to a creek below. After sinking to my hips putting skins on I looked up to notice Craig Rench calmly putting his skins on with his skis on, his boot firmly connected via the green one, an O1 in free pivot mode.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,” I said. “Did you just put your skins on your skis with…..?” I didn’t even need to finish the question. “You did!” I exclaimed. “You badass!!!”
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Feb 15 2018

Picking a 2-pin tech toe for telemarking

 OMG's telemark tech toe.

OMG’s telemark tech toe.

When selecting a tech-toe for a tele tech binding keep in mind that they were not designed for the stresses of telemarking, they were designed for use in a locked-heel alpine system. In an AT binding the pins only provide side-to-side clamping power, there is no forward pressure. With tele there is also forward pressure on the rear half of the pins from the tele cable tension. This forward pressure means the pins cannot open up without overcoming the friction it creates. The long term effects of this will probably mean the inserts will eventually wear through at their rear wall, hopefully not before you decide you need new boots.
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Feb 13 2018

Review: Red Fox Duffels

Staying organized, at least for me, is a constant struggle. Whether on the road, or at home, when it comes to keeping my gear-life under control, too often I feel like the little Dutch boy with his thumb stuck in the dyke, staunching a sea of equipment ever ready to gush out across the floor, the cargo area of the car, or the campsite. Consequently, duffel bags of all sizes have become near constant companions. And, even with as many as I have, I always seem to be on the hunt for more—especially of late, a large capacity rolling duffel.

Red Fox Duffels - built for the abuse of adventure.

Red Fox Duffels – built for the abuse of adventure.

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Feb 12 2018

Skeats — Strap-on ski crampons

Skeats™ - strap-on ski crampons.

Skeats – strap-on ski crampons.

Skeats are small crampons that connect to the bottom of your skis, over and in addition to a pair of climbing skins. They’re attached via a bungee strap around your skis, with the cone shaped teeth pointing down and puncturing the surface of hard snow. The video I saw on Facebook was undeniable proof they gave an extra measure of grip as the skier put his climbing post on high and bee-lined up the fall line.
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Feb 11 2018

A partisan view of Red Fox Outdoor Equipment

For those who are not aware, one of my sources of income these days is writing copy and manipulating words in the Googoo-sphere for Red Fox NA. I’m about to start publishing reviews of their gear, but it won’t be by me, that would compromise my integrity as a writer. Not helping grow awareness compromises my sustainability. I trust that if you see something you like in their product line, you will be satisfied. Like any worthy company, if you have a problem, they/we will take care of you.

The author striding up Helbronner between Chamonix and Courmayeur wearing a Red Fox Eiger softshell jacket.

Skinning up Helbronner between Chamonix and Courmayeur wearing a Red Fox Eiger softshell jacket.

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Feb 08 2018

The State of 2-pin Telemark Bindings

Telemark Tech bindings are here to stay.

The original Telemark Tech System binding (early beta version, circa 2010).

The original Telemark Tech System binding (early beta version, circa 2010).

The 2-pin connnection

When Mark Lengel first proposed the idea of the Telemark Tech System (TTS) skepticism was the typical response. That’s a near universal first impression of the confidence inspired by the lowly 2-pin tech toe, also known by its founding brand name, Dynafit, or other terms like low-tech, pin-tech, or merely as “tech” when spoken of over beers at the trailhead. Mr. Lengel knew better; those tiny pins can bite tight on the tip of a boot, which meant they might work for tele. As time always seems to prove with the puny 2-pin toe, it is unquestionably tough enough, especially I dare say, for tele.
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Feb 06 2018

Takemitsu teles Japan

You don’t have to understand a lick of Japanese to understand this short, sweet vid.

LINES #01 from Turns by Takemitsu on Vimeo.

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